About KTDO

KTDO is the organization with more than eight thouand members that combines all scattered taxi drivers in Kerala with the exception of party politics and religion, caste and colors, coexist and appreciate their mutual love and respect.


Take all the taxi drivers in Kerala under the umbrella and move forward with coexistence and cooperative spirit, work for their well-being and make collective effort to end the illegal activities in the taxi sector.


Ensure a plan to provide financial gain for all with the help of innovative ideas for taxi drivers and thus try to protect the taxi industry from the corporate giants.

Importance Of KTDO

The importance of KTDO is that service activities are essential to cross-party politics. The whole taxi drivers work on this new movement in order to satisfy the basic needs of these factors. There is no solution to the monopolies and no alternative to any such monopolist. Drivers need to recognize that the largest community of drivers in Kerala can easily create this alternative way.


This movement has been able to create a huge set of voluntary service volunteers who are willing to do many services for society and the nation through this community. With a short time, ktdo has been able to help many drivers who suffer from taxis in the industry. KTDO has provided food, shelter and children's education to families of various drivers who are destitute. In addition to the assistance provided to the drivers who are suffering from financially and financially well, there have been many acts of mercy for the flood affected people in Alappuzha and for the poor in the mountainous areas of Attapadi and Wayanad. KTDO has also been providing regular assistance to children, including members of limited or orphanages.

24x7 Helpline

The fight against fake taxis, which is the major issue facing by every taxi drivers, is carried out by the awareness campaigns that such passengers will not get legal protection, such as insurance if any accident or accident. Also, Whenever a taxi is getting breakdown, our members in that region will reach within minutes and help to clear that issue. Which helps the public to have a safe and comfortable trip.

Our Aims


Our primary aim is the wellness of taxi drivers. If any of our members are struggling with their life, we will reach them and will provide support for them.



Unlicensed taxis are creating huge threaten to taxi driver's career. We are working hard to find those illegal taxis and take legal actions against them.



Corporate companies like Uber, Ola are trying to distruct taxi sector allover the world. We are planning to defend them with implementing innovative ideas.


  • Patron

    Rajesh Cherthala

    +91 9074 496 055

  • State President

    Shaji Thambanoor

    +91 9895 722 015

  • State Secretary

    Vineesh Trikaripur

    +91 9895 515 180

  • State Treasurer

    Aneesh Mattannur

    +91 9447 282 383

  • State Vice Predident


  • State Joint Secretary

    Navas Meenangadi

  • State Joint Secretary

    Dipin Payyoli

  • State Vice Treasurer

    Afsal Alappuzha

+91 8281 472 200